Young bears fighting at Kuril lake, Kamchatka.Photo by Marco Urso photographer.

July and August 2024 – Photo Tours of 12 or 14 days  with Marco Urso award winner photographer. 

Kamchatka is doubtless the best place in the world to photograph brown bears. This is the reason why since 2013 we have been offering this opportunity to small groups of motivated photographers, coming from all over the world and sharing the daily emotions both as photographers and nature lovers. Taking picture of brown bears in Kamchatka is pure adrenaline. 

Who joint us had enthusiastic words  both about the top photo opportunities and how intense a day is organized. This is not an holiday, this is a photographic journey, where participant can squeeze the most out of every day. We have a very high rate of repeaters and people who decide to stay for two periods.

Kamchatka is a photo paradise but its beauty is also its weakness. More and more people are aware of the place and the demand is increasing every year. It is wise not to wait and the earlier you come the better it is.

You can choose among two different departure dates and two plan combinations : Over the last two years  more and more people requested to photograph bears in different environments. This is why it became popular  the Combo departure (Kambalnaya and Kuril), offering to stay both at the famous Kuril lake, but also to visit the Kambalnaya river area, a gem of beauty where Wild Nature is everything. Backgrounds are different, situations are different and pictures will be different. Also Kambalnaya is not at the moment as popular as Kuril, with all the implied advantages. There is also the classic choice of the only Kuril lake.

The offered dates are the ones that statistically offers more for photographers.

Marco Urso

Gone Fishing by Marco Urso



Kuril Lake and Kambalnaya River – two combined destinations :

  • Brown Bear Photo Expedition starts  23rd July, ends 5th August 2024 – 14 days back to back.

Kuril lake – single destination:

  • Brown Bear Photo Expedition starts 31st July August, ends 11th August, 2024 – 12 days back to back

NOTE: The three expeditions are not overlapping as dates might indicate. They are planned in order to have reserve days for helicopter transportation, as  flights are dependent on weather conditions. So each departure has a night at the beginning  and three at the end in Petropavlovsk as reserve. This days can be used for planning extra excursions.



Maximum 8 participants per turn. Photographers are coming  from all over the world so it will be a multicultural group.

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What is included:

  • Full board at Kuril and Kambalnaya , Bed and Breakfast at Petropavlovsk.
  • all Helicopters to reach the different destinations.
  • Boat to reach the different spots at Kuril’s.
  • Special Professional Photographers’ permit.
  • Assistance of an award winning professional photographer ( Marco Urso www.photoxplorica.com ) speaking English, Spanish and Italian.
  • Ranger assigned to the group.
  • Russian/English interpreter.
  • Cook assigned to the group.

What is not included:

  • Visa, but we offer assistance and documents to get it.
  • Tips
  • Flights from your home country to Petropavlovsk.
  • Anything which is not listed in the previous paragraph.


Highlights of the program:

  • The best place in the world to photograph brown bears.
  • Small groups of photographers to be able to get the most out of the experience.
  • Experienced and award winning photo tour leader at his fifth season in Kamchatka.
  • Special Professional Photo permit.
  • Boat availability at Kuril’s to be able to change spots.


Landscape of the Kuril lake with volcano, sockeye salmons and bear

Landscape of the Kuril lake with volcano, sockeye salmons and bear.Photo by Marco Urso photographer





A scene at Kuril lake

A scene at Kuril lake


For more information and prices please contact :

marc.urso@alice.it or marco@photoxplorica.com

You can view more of my pictures taken in Kamchatka  at www.photoxplorica.com

Read my Bio and know more at Awards